Madeira No. 4, 20m Metallic Hand Embroidery Thread, ANTIQUE SILVER Colour 4042

dtex 2000; den 1800. 40% metallised polyester, 60% viscose. 20 Metre sticktwist

Madeira Metallic No. 4 Mouline is a 4 strand metallised floss 40% metallised polyester 60% viscose 20m. An easily strandable metallised floss which can be worked as simple as Madeira cotton floss Mouline. Metallic No. 4 is very soft and therefore one of the Madeira metallic thread range which can be embroidered easily. Available in 24 colours.

Metallic No. 4 adds metallic shine and a festive look to your embroidery. An easily strandable metallised floss which can be worked as simply as MADEIRA cotton floss Mouliné.  It is very soft and supple and may be divided into four strands for easy embroidery onto different textures.

Brilliant color, exceptional quality, and the easy-to-use sticktwist package.

Mouline colours come in Madeira’s unique StickTwist Spiral Pack. With old-fashioned skeined floss, you start wasting floss from the moment you pull out your first strand. Once the paper band is off, the old-fashioned floss can soon become a tangled mess, and then, you lose the paper band, and the colour number. Then, while you’re separating your strands, you can’t tell which way the grain of your floss is going. So, you often thread it the wrong direction. You end up pulling out stitches and ruining floss.

With the Madeira StickTwist Spiral Pack, you always pull your floss out the right way, making it easy to thread it correctly, and stitch the right way every time you pick up your embroidery project. Plus, the StickTwist Spiral Pack keeps your floss clean, new and tangle-free until you use it.

SKU EL9834.4042
Barcode # 4003760502223
Brand Madeira
Shipping Weight 0.0200kg
Shipping Width 0.140m
Shipping Height 0.010m
Shipping Length 0.240m
Shipping Cubic 0.000336000m3
Unit Of Measure ea