Amann Isafil No. 40 Rayon Embroidery Thread | JM Embroideries

ISAFIL - Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread - The brilliant one, ISAFIL is a high shiny continuous thread made of 100% Rayon. By using high tenacity filaments ISAFIL offers a high tensile strength. The universal ticket 40 is used for all fashion embroideries which demand superior sheen and lustre. The coarser ticket no. 30 is primarily suitable for large-scale embroideries and as top looper in lingerie. ISAFIL is light and washfast (up to 60c), but not resistant to bleaching. The low elasticity and the extremely consistent finish results in the best sewability on all machines and materials. Rayon is often described as artificial silk - ISAFIL is known for its shiny, silky sheen and brilliant Colours.