Amann SERAFIL Polyester Continuous Filament Threads

Serafil is a sewing and embroidery thread made from polyester continuous filament. The single yarns are made of endless fibres (filaments) for continuous filament threads. Partially, up to 200 single filaments make up a single yarn (continuous filament). Thanks to their construction, continuous filaments have a smooth, glossy surface and a consistent thread character. Furthermore, they display a very high breaking strength and abrasion resistance.

Serafil is the classic among all sewing threads. It is established since 1955 and suitable for closing and decorative seams. It stands out through its subtle sheen. Serafil completes a special finishing process and has a high seam strength. Moreover, AMANN’s classic combines best sewing performance with perfect stitch formation.

Eco-friendly & water-repellent: the range of Serafil is complemented by WRe, AMANN’s new water-repellent, PFC-free finish, which is available on request. Moreover, Hohenstein Laboratories confirm the industrial wash resistance of Serafil with the PRO-care certification according to DIN EN ISO 30023. In addition, Serafil is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, 93.0.4233.

Serafil is the outstanding product for shoes & accessories. In this context, Serafil is used as sewing thread for shoes, as sewing thread for bags, as sewing thread for suitcases, and as sewing thread for belts and small leather goods. Last but not least, Serafil is used in the automotive sector, the home interior sector, the Techtex sector, as well as for embroidery, for instance, as embroidery thread for coarse decorative embroidery.