Rasant 120 Thread Core Spun Polyester Cotton 1000m Spools

Rasant 120 Thread Core Spun Polyester Cotton 1000m Spools

The strength of polyester with the softness of cotton. This cotton covered polyester cored thread has excellent sewing ability due to it's specially developed finish (high twist purity & the functional twist design). A wide variety of colours and the combination of cotton covering a high strength polyester core makes this thread a universal choice for most applications.

Rasant is a polyester/cotton core spun thread with a smooth surface that blends into many textile surfaces.

Thanks to the combination of continuous filament core with a soft spun cover, core spun threads are extremely high performing. They are easy to sew with on domestic and industrial machines and provide for trouble-free sewing even in difficult applications, multidirectional sewing, closing and topstitching seams, buttonholes and working with thin fabric.

Core spun threads are robust for use when sewing apparel (eg. ladies & menswear, sports & outdoor wear, underwear & lingerie), useful for matte embroidery effects and also for use in technical textiles and denim workwear.

Rasant is certified according to 94.0.8268, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Recommended use with 70-80 size needles.

Sizes available: 1000m cardboard spool and 5000m plastic cone.