Klasse Overlocker Needles, TYPE B, DCx1, 81x1, Pack of 3 Needles, Serger Needles

Each needle is engineered to the highest industry standards using the latest integrated technologies. 125 Years experience.

Klasse - Type B (System DCX1, 81X1)
Babylock     All BL-3 series, EF-405, EF405M
Janome     603, 603A
Mammylock     334, 334D
Pinnock     P1, P2, PBL-1, PBL4, PBL4-436DF, PBL4-543DF
Pfaff     603, 603A

Other needle types are listed below, we stock the full range of Klasse Overlocker Needles.

Needle Types:- (If we do not have a size/type listed, please ask as we should be able to supply them)

Many home overlockers / sergers use the same needle system as domestic sewing machines for which we recommend Klasse’ Type G for simplified selection (system HAx1, 15 x1, 130/705H, 2020).
However some other overlockers / sergers use other system needles and for these Klasse’ produces five different system needles which suit 99% of all overlockers / sergers..

Klasse - Type A (System 16 x 231, DBX1, 2053)
Pfaff     793, 794, 795, 796, 797
Brother     B500 & B600 series, M760DE, TE-B505
Elna     All MO series
Husky     M430, M431, M435, M435C, M435D, M436, M440, M441, M530, M535, M535C, M535D
Singer     10U series. 14U12, 14U13, 14U22, 14U23, 14U32, 14U52

Klasse - Type B (System DCX1, 81X1)
Babylock     All BL-3 series, EF-405, EF405M
Janome     603, 603A
Mammylock     334, 334D
Pinnock     P1, P2, PBL-1, PBL4, PBL4-436DF, PBL4-543DF
Pfaff     603, 603A

Klasse - Type E (System HAXISP)
Janome     100, 200, 300, 400, & 500 series
Babylock     SL600, SL700, SL800, All BLE series, Protage 402
Globe     All models
Husky     SL3000 series, 34D
Toyota     SL3400, SL3403

Klasse - Type G (System 705H, 2020)
Toyota     6300, 6600, SL-1, SL-3000, SL-3404, 6500
Janome     All Combi series
Pfaff     774E, 776E, 783, 784, 785, 786, 787, 788
Bernette     All models (EXCEPT MO203, MO204 & MO205)
Brother     M730, M730D, M760, M760D, all PC, PL, 900 & 9000 series
Elna     All models (EXCEPT MO102, MO103 & MO104)
Husqvarna Huskilock     M460, All M540, 550, 560, 570, 580, 680, 800 & 900 series
Singer     14U64A, 14U344, 14U354

Klasse - Type K (System 16x75, 2054)
Singer     14U32 series, 14U34 series, 14U44, 14U65 series, 14U85 series, 14U234 series, 14U285, 14U286, 14U444, 14U454B, 14U544, 14U554, 14U555, 14U594, 14U595

Klasse - Type J (System ELX705)
Husqvarna Viking    s21

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Replace Needles.
Machine needles should be replaced after a maximum sewing time of 8 hours. Replace needles more frequently when sewing synthetic fabric, appliques or machine embroidery. This will avoid skipped stitches, fabric pulls and frayed threads.

Breaking Needles.
All machine needles are designed to break for the protection of the sewing machine hook mechanism. If a needle bends - do not sew with it. When a machine needle breaks, it is a warning to check the following:-

  • Is the needle type and size correct for the fabric?
  • Is the thread too thick or unsuitable for the needle size and application?
  • Is the upper thread feeding freely?
  • Are the thread tensions set too tight?
  • Does the machine need cleaning/oiling?
  • Is the correct presser foot fitted?
  • Is the correct sewing technique being used?
  • Is the fabric being pulled, pushed or dragged during sewing?
  • Twin needles, triple needles and other specialty needles can break due to excessive heat build up. To avoid breakage reduce speeds and avoid prolonged useage.
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