JM Embroideries Newsletter 9th January 2024

Author: Mick
9 January 2024

Welcome to our first news of the New Year, and many thanks for you ongoing support.

To say 2023 was a hard year is an understatement, it was a terrible year for us both emotionally and financially.

2023 was a sad year, with the passing of both my father and then 4 months later, my mother. But, we have been here for my parents for the last 12 years or so, and the last 3 years we were living with them as their full time carers, closing the physical store to achieve this. It was time we will both cherish for the rest of our lives, despite the financial and emotional burden it placed on us both, BUT we would do it all again if we had to.

Now that it is a new year, we will now concentrate on our business, JM Embroideries, and build it back up to where we want it to be, a premier place to come to for most of your craft and embroidery needs. Over the last 3 years, as my parents required more and more of our time for their care, naturally we had less time for the business. This meant that many products that arrived, especially new products, never made it to the website. I will endeavour to start to get them listed, and some we have already started on such as the Prym range (still more to add), 5000m Rasant and Isacords (now added) and Simplicity Luxe thread etc.
Please bear with us as we get these items up online, for as always, our first priorities each day is getting your orders packed and ready to ship that day.

On other news, we have the 1000m Rasant thread and all the cotton quilting fabrics at the old shop, and have that open on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Once we get back on our feet financially, we will look at getting much larger and better retail premises where we will be able to offer all our products both instore and online, this will take quite some time, but with your continued support is achievable.

You will see specials pop up (keep an eye on this page - ). These specials will be very good, and will especially be on items we find we are over stocked on, but also some will be on popular items to help us rebuild financially.

We also have a lot of stock from EbonyCraft (Tiara Trims) from where they went into liquidation, but that will take me a year to get through believe me... there is a lot - but basically there is felts, cords, elastics, ribbons and lace and more. I will get to it all, but have other items to get to first.

Many thanks for your continued support and reading my newsletter (sorry all, I am not a writer, so may prattle on a bit), and we do wish you all a very happy and safe New Year ahead, and lets hope it is good for all of us, in all ways possible.

All future newsletters will be placed on our Facebook page (please note, I do not check our facebook page regularly, so please text or email if you need to message us), and in this blog.

Mick and Jasmin.

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