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Author: Mick & Jasmin
25 March 2021

Hi all, we will put our latest news and updates here, latest at the top.

29th January 2023

We hope you have all had a tremendous start to the year 2023, we cannot believe how quickly the first month has gone by.

As the year progresses, we look forward to helping you make the most of it. Our mission is to provide you with top-notch products and services that can help you in your journey towards success. We want to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money and achieve their desired goals. To this point, we have changed the way our fabric will be listed from here forward.

To make things easier for our customers, all fabrics listed on the site will be in multiples of 25cm. For example, if you need 1m of a fabric, you would order 4 units, this will actually arrive as 1 x 100cm length (4 x 25cm). This allows customers to order more exact amounts of fabric needed for their project with less wastage.

Further information on ordering multiple units is shown in the table below. If you need help or advice please don't hesitate to contact us directly, our team are here to make sure your purchase is effortless and hassle free.

Order Quantity Metres Fabric Size in cm Fabric Size in Inches
1 1/4 Metre 25cm x 112cm 9.85" x 44"
2 1/2 Metre 50cm x 112cm 19.68" x 44"
3 3/4 Metre 75cm x 112cm 29.5" x 44"
4 1 Metre 100cm x 112cm 39.37" x 44"
5 1 1/4 Metres 125cm x 112cm 49.2" x 44"
6 1 1/2 Metres 150cm x 112cm 59" x 44"
7 1 3/4 Metres 175cm x 112cm 68.9" x 44"
8 2 Metres 200cm x 112cm 78.74" x 44"

On so on......

7th September 2022

Yet another price rise via Australia Post this week, and we had a glitch or two getting it working correctly, but pleased to say, it is up and running properly now. Unfortunately, these price rises by Australia Post cost our business lots of $$, especially when for this month, on top of the postage rates we pay (or should I say you pay here) Australia Post also hit us with a 10.9% fuel surcharge on all parcels we send, and also added on the top for express is a 3.35% "Security Management Charge". So much for Australia Post "supporting" small business, looks more to us that it is small business who supports Australia Post and their highly paid executives!! (More watches anyone!!)

Next month, the fuel surcharge rises to 11.3%.

Other than that, we are revising prices where possible, and keeping these as low as we can for our customers. We will also shortly put up a survey, to see which our customers would prefer on several issues. Please keep an eye out for it.

On to better news -  one of our warehouses has just been extended, next is to fit it out with shelving, and in about 6 weeks, we turn much greener, with the installation of a nice sized solar system and batteries. It should enable us to run one our own power, and also put a little back into the grid. It is something we are looking forward to.

Many thanks for all the messages of support during our recent surgery, all went well.

Many you all stay safe and enjoy crafts.


8th August 2022

Due to surgery on the 11th & 12th August, we will not be shipping orders between the 10th August and the 13th August. We aim to catch up on shipping all orders (ordered from the 10th August) by Monday the 15th August. This is something that we cannot put off, apologies in advance for any inconvience caused.

Also, emails will be slightly delayed during this time as I will only be online evenings. (Yes, sorry, I am old-er, and do not know how to mirror emails etc to my phone). Phone calls / texts may be answered when I am not at the hospital / specialists etc.

Texts would be the best way for contact during this time.

21st July 2022

Hi All, recovering here, but all good.

I am currently looking at modifying the website so that it makes it easier for ordering like products (such as the newly added Gutermann Deco Stitch 70 thread ), so that ordering will be quicker and easier. Please bear with us though, as we have so many different types of threads etc, that it will take me some time.

8th July 2022

Due to surgery for myself on the 14th & 15th July, we will not be shipping orders between the 13th July and the 17th July. We aim to catch up on shipping all orders (ordered from the 13th July to 17th July) on the 18th July. This is something that we cannot put off, apologies in advance for any inconvience caused.

Also, any emails will go unanswered during this time as I will not have access to my computer (Yes, sorry, I am old-er, and do not know how to mirror emails etc to my phone). Phone calls / texts may be answered when I am not in the hospital / recovery / specialists etc.

Texts would be the best way for contact during this time.


15th June 2022

Since Birch Creative has purchased SSS Pty Ltd, we have been informed that as of the 30th June, we will lose most of our brand based discounts that we had at SSS Pty Ltd. This is going to affect the prices of around 50% of our products, including brands such as Hemline, Sew Easy, Vilene, Vizzy, Madeira, Gutermann, Diamond Dotz, Country Threads, Addi, Pony, Zweigart and many more. Where possible, if you can get in early before these rises, you will save.

Unfortunately, this combined with the ever increasing prices due to transport costs is beyond our control.

UPCOMING EVENTS:- Due to surgery for myself on the 14th July, we will not be shipping orders between the 13th July and the 18th July. We aim to catch up on shipping all orders (ordered from the 13th July to 18th July) from the 18th July. This is something that I require, apologies in advance for any inconvience caused.

We hope you all are having a good year.


19th April 2022

Unfortunately, postage will in future be calculated by total weight in the cart. Whilest we tried a flat rate postage system, to continue with it we would need to raise our product prices.

Unfortunately, due to the postage charges we are charged by Australia Post, and ourselves being classed as a regional customer (as opposed to a city customer), we are unable to continue with the flat rate postage system.

Australia Post unfortunately, charges regional (and remote) businesses higher postage charges than city customers (and some are even higher prices than the "over the counter prices"), ie, the descriminate against us "non city" businesses, rather than making it an even "playing field". They then of course add "fuel surcharges" etc which vary month to month on top of the rates they provide us with.

Our postage rates are renewed each year by Australia Post, based on our location, and the number and size of parcels we have sent over the past year (cubic factor etc). We will revise our rates at each of these updates.

We do hope you understand.


3rd April 2022

Please Note:
Due to important appointments, we will not be shipping on Wednesday 6th April. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

25th January 2022

We are trialing loyalty reward points for our loyal customers. These will be issued at 1 point per $1 spent on products (postage costs not included) and will have a 10 year expiry. You need to join our site to be able to earn points. I have beeen told that once you have earnt points, when you next make a purchase, and if you have enough points, it will show at checkout and allow you to use your points for part of our order (or all if you have enough points).

Why we say they are on trial, is to ensure they are working correctly etc. In either case, the points will still be there to use if we find we need to close the rewards program or pause it for any reason. Any points you have earnt will still be able to be redeemed.

Stay safe and well and enjoy crafts, and we hope you have all had a great start to the year.

1st January 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, let us all hope for a much better year ahead.....
NEW PRODUCT Alert - Gutermann Creativ Super Brite Polyester 40, 1000m Embroidery Thread
Gutermann creativ Super Brite Polyester 40 1.000 m is a robust and hard-wearing machine embroidery thread made of 100% polyester for beautiful and high-quality embroidery motifs. It can be used to refine favourite items, spice up basics or decorate home accessories.
Thanks to its trilobal thread structure, it shines particularly intensely and brilliantly, has perfect embroidery properties and ensures excellent stitch formation.
This machine embroidery thread conjures up beautiful motifs that last especially long on heavily stressed textiles such as sports and leisurewear, children’s items or work clothing. The intense colours are retained even after washing several times or even chlorine bleaching.
  • Art. 705798
  • Thickness: 40 - No. 120
  • Material: 100 % polyester, trilobal
  • Needle: Machine embroidery needle
  • Needle size: NM 70 – 90
  • Machine embroidery thread made of 100% polyester.
  • Brilliant shine thanks to trilobal thread structure
  • For high-quality and beautiful embroidery motifs
  • Excellent stitching, perfect embroidery properties
  • Particularly tear-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Universal machine embroidery thread for all embroidery motifs
  • Beautiful embroidery motifs in combination with embroidery mats and foils
Fabric recommendation:- Suitable for all materials and fabrics Light, medium and heavy garment and dress fabrics Jeans and workwear Faux leather, felt and similar fabrics and many other materials.
We currently have 92 of the 288 colours in stock, with the full range due in later this month, see them at
Stay safe and well and we hope you all have a very happy New Year.

3rd November 2021

TRIAL - FLAT RATE POSTAGE - Pay only $9.95 postage on any order for most items combined - Please note, some bulky and/or heavy items may add extra postage due to their bulk or weight.

This is a trial to start with, and if all goes well, it will continue.


23rd October 2021

Hi all, a quick update:-

*** We have added TNT Road Express shipping, and although quite expensive, it is certainly quicker than Auspost at the moment (TNT currently typically overnight to Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney, and 2 business days to most other capital cities)

*** Price drop on Isacord 5000m embroidery thread and Rasant 5000m threads - Check them out at ISACORD 5000m and RASANT 5000m

*** Super deals on Diamond Dotz kits while stocks last - some over 75% off - get in quick at Diamond Dotz Sale

*** More deals to be added soon.

Stay safe and well and enjoy crafts.

Jasmin & Mick

18th September 2021

Please consider using express shipping for orders where possible, Australia Post is once again struggling to keep up with parcel deliveries due to lock downs, COVID-19 health restrictions etc. We have recently opened a few cases with Auspost for missing or late parcels, (dispatched in the last 2 weeks of August) and they responded to these requests, asking us to allow a further 3 weeks (yes, 3 WEEKS) for delivery. This would mean that some parcels would have taken 7 weeks to deliver.

We would also suggest anyone wanting to do Christmas shopping online, to start now, to advoid disappointment due to these slow deliveries.

We would also ask, that our customers please be patient with us, we post promptly, normally within 1 to 2 business days, and unfortunately, we have had a few customers blaming us (and giving us negative reviews) for the delays in receiving their parcels, when in actuality, it is Auspost where the delays are occuring. We will always do our best to open cases with Auspost where needed to locate parcels.

Stay safe and well, and please take care during these trying times.

15th September 2021

We hope this finds all safe and well and you are all enjoying crafts, we have a few messages today.

1/ We will be taking all the per centimeter fabrics offline due to some obvious confusion that has now cost us hundreds of dollars. We have had a couple customers purchase around 120 different fabrics, the higher priced ones, in 25cm quantities, expecting 25m metres of each !!!, and after we have cut these fabrics (some were even the Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics) they have cancelled the fabrics, due to them only being 25cm and not the 25 metres they expected. (I am unsure who would ever think Liberty Tana Lawn would be at $0.49 cents per metre !!!!)

We will be re-listing all fabrics as per metre only at a slightly better price. Any remnants that are under a metre will be listed as a remnant at an even bigger discount, (including all those we cut for these customers, but that will not be for a little while), this way, there can be no "confusion". - Anyone wanting less than 1 metre can always call us and we can add a manual order for shorter lengths, with a small cut surcharge.

2/ Our Morwell store will remain closed for the forseeable future, as I am caring for my parents full time, so cannot be in 2 places at once. All online orders are being processed as per normal.

3/ We are re-setting up our fabric area, and cutting tables etc, and this may cause some orders that contain fabric to be delayed for a day or two. All other orders will be dispatched as normal, normally within 1 business day.

Thanks for your continued support, stay safe and well.

Jasmin & Mick.

3rd September 2021

IMPORTANT:- Please note - Australia Post has informed us that no regular parcels will leave the post office this Monday (6th Sept.) until 7am on  Tuesday (7th), only Express parcels will be sent. This is due to the COVID rush and to try and allow them to catch up. I am told this affects all post offices and dispatches in NSW, ACT & Vic.

Here is the notification from Australia Post:-

As you know, across the country we are all managing the sustained challenges of the COVID pandemic. With two of our largest States and some 15 million people in lockdown, the fluctuations in customer online shopping have significantly increased.

We are also dealing with the impacts of the Delta strain and in any given day, we have close to 500 people out of our workforce as they follow necessary self-isolation and testing before clearance back to work.

This is putting increased pressure on our network like nothing we have experienced before, as we manage staff shortages, temporary facility closures, and parcel volumes as high as Christmas peak period.

To help us clear excess parcel volumes in NSW, ACT and VIC due to these impacts, we will be suspending customer collections in these areas.

All Parcel Post collections from customers and merchants in NSW, ACT and VIC will be paused from 7am Saturday 4 September until 7am Tuesday 7 September.

The safety of our people is our highest priority and this temporary measure will allow us to responsibly clear record volumes in parts of our network.

Our team will be processing all weekend to reduce these volumes to a safe and manageable level and help free up capacity with ULDs and pallets.

Services provided for Express Post, Premium and Startrack Express remain unchanged across our network. Lodgements at Post Offices and SPB's will also continue to be collected and collections in all other States remain the same.

Normal medical shipments (normally lodged Parcel Post) will still be accepted subject to confirmation and by arrangement.

We're sorry for the inconvenience

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may place on you and your customers. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate these challenges together.


15th July 2021

Just to let you know that we are still trading online during the lockdown in Victoria. Australia Post is still operating as normal for deliveries.

Our current shipping times are:-

Standard post typically between 1 and 2 business days.

Express Post (fully paid order by 9am AEST business days) - Same day; (Paid after 9am AEST - Typically next business day, but we try our best for same business day)

We hope that everyone stays safe and well.


10th June 2021

We are adding a daily extra special ( ), these can be anything with extra discounts of between 10% and 80%, so keep an eye out for the popular items we sneak in there as well.

We are keeping up to date with orders, even with the extra time needed for my parents, and we thank all our local customers who have been using the local pick-up click n collect for their orders. We realise it is a little harder not being able to browse instore, and thank you all for your understanding.

For those who ask, my parents are doing well.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, and enjoy crafts always.

Jasmin & Mick

3rd May 2021

As per our last update, due to my elderly parents requiring full time care, our Morwell store will only be open from 8:30am to 9:30am (approx) daily until further notice. Full online services will remain including local pick-up and goods purchased will be dispatched within our normal dispatch timeframes (normally within 1 business day).

Stay safe, Stay healthy, and enjoy crafts always.

Jasmin & Mick

25th March 2021

Due to my elderly parents requiring full time care, as of the 29th March 2021, our Morwell store will close until further notice. Full online services will remain including local pick-up and goods purchased will be dispatched within our normal dispatch timeframes. For locals requiring quilting / patchwork fabrics, please call us for an appointment time, and we will do our best to allow access for this purpose. PLEASE, for all other items, please use local pick-up.

Local Pick-Up - If your order is in by 8am, we will pick your order and send a text with pick-up details and address the same day, for orders after 8am, it may be the following day for collection - we apologise for the slight delay.

We appreciate your patience during these times and hope you all understand our decision, as we strongly believe that family must come first, and since our parents cared for us for many years, and have also assisted us in many times when needed, it is time for us to care for and assist them in their time of need.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, and enjoy crafts always.

Jasmin & Mick

30th December 2020

We trust that everyone has managed through this very eventful and trying year.

To to it off, unfortunately, we do not have good news for a few of our customers. We have just been informed by Australia Post, that a result of criminal activity, a third-party trailer transporting their mail and parcels bound for Queensland was recently stolen while in transit in Melbourne. On board were a number of articles sent by us. We are currently working with Australia Post to see which orders are affected, and out of those orders, which we can replace immediately for our customers, and which we would not be able to due to stocks at this time. Over the next few days, I will contact each customer concerned with details.

Now that the year has almost come to an end, let us all hope and pray for a much better 2021. We would like to wish you all a very happy and safe New Year.

Stay safe and well, and look forward to seeing you all in the coming year.

Mick & Jasmin.

13th October 2020

Australia post recommends to ensure delivery of items before Christmas 2020, that they be posted by the 12th December. Seeing their record this year, we would strongly suggest if possible, getting these items posted before the 5th December, as we have noted that some items of late (around 2% of parcels) have taken up to 4 weeks or more to arrive to customers after we posted them. Australia post seem very "hit and miss" lately as to which parcels get through in good time (around 98% of orders), and which items are greatly delayed.

On other notes:- We have hundreds of new products arriving now, but have limited time to get them listed into stock, so please keep an eye out for these new lines which include many more stitch kits; new threads; Diamond Dotz Freehand range; yarns; Knitpro & DMC knitting needles, and much much more.

Stay safe, Stay well and enjoy crafts.


27th September 2020

Things are getting back up to date now, but we have just had a shock on the DMC Natura pricing.. the latest invoice price has risen massively, and now shows a RRP of $12.54 (it used to be $8.95). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do when these prices rise, our price will need to rise, but to make it a little easier, I have calculated a "in between" price taking into account current stock, and the new stock, so we have a smaller overall price rise now, and a future rise as more new stocks arrive.

Some other prices have risen slightly, but not like the DMC Natura.

Other small changes are to do with postage, many thanks to Australia Post (even in these times of slow deliveries and COVID-19), they have decided to increase our postage pricing even though we now send 3 times as much as a year ago!! Bearing this in mind, we no longer have flat rate shipping, but have lowered the under 500g shipping to $7.95, but the over 500g rates are now calculated. We apologise, but with the rise that we were given from Australia Post, there was no other real choice when it comes to shipping costs. It is a shame these big companies do not help support and grow small businesses... even though we support them.

We hope you all stay safe and well and enjoy crafts.


4th August 2020.

Just to let you know that we are still trading online during the lockdown in Victoria. Australia Post is still operating as normal for deliveries.

Our current shipping times are:-

Standard post typically between 2 and 5 business days (depending on how much cutting is required).

Express Post (fully paid order by 12 noon AEST business days) - Same day; (Paid after 12 noon AEST - Typically next business day, but we try our best for same business day)

Please also note, some items are out of stock and beyond our control - especially small elastics, some colours of cotton fabrics etc. We are getting around 50-100 phone calls per day for these items, and it is meaning we are missing many other calls. There are only so many hours in a day, and unfortunately, with the shear volumes of calls, we are unable to respond to all. Please use our contact form or text and we will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

We hope you all stay safe and well in these very unpredictable times.


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